Lawn Care Service Introduction

Thank you for choosing Dream Team for your lawn care service! Our goal is to provide reliable and professional results that maintain long term relationships with our customers. Please take the time to read our introduction so that you can know what to expect from our lawn care service.

A weekly or biweekly lawn care subscription will include weed whacking, mowing, edging and blowing in that order of operation. Unless otherwise specified, we will perform these services to the following standard.

weed whacking

Weed whacking: We will weed whack the grass edges as well as all lawn areas that the mower cannot reach. When we weed whack we maintain the grass at the same length as the mower deck height.

lawn mowing

Mowing: We mow lawns to 3.5”. Although this may be taller than what others do, we recommend this because grasses 3.5” or higher have better drought performance, staying green much longer into the summer. Also, this extra height helps to prevent outbursts of weeds.

We use the mulch feature on our mowers which will cut up the cut grass very fine. Although others may bag the grass we recommend mulching because it helps with water retention, weed prevention as well as it recycles the grasses nutrients back into the soil, lessening the need for fertilizers and aeration.

lawn edging

Edging: We do edging the right way with a mechanical edger. We edge everything we can, including pathways, curbs, driveways, tree circles and sometimes even garden beds. Clean and properly defined edges will make a noticeable impression on the beauty of your property.

leaf blower

Blowing: We blow all the leftover clippings off of the road, sidewalk, pathways and anywhere else that they may have ended up where they don’t belong. This cleanup process we combine with a quick walk around to see if there’s anything we may have missed.

Here are some extra details you may be interested to know!

Customization: If you would like to customize how your lawn is taken care of , such as including bagging or changing the grass height, feel free to let us know and we will change the notes on your profile.

Scheduling: We will notify you of changes in scheduling. If, for example, we have to move your property service to another day of the week you will receive an email, text notification or both depending on your preferences.

Customer Service: We value communication with our customers and we are open to receiving feedback. We answer our phones 6 days a week. Feel free to reach out to us and let us know your thoughts, request additional services or make changes to your property notes.

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