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Let us help you create a masterpiece in your own backyard

Our Mission:

There are many who offer landscaping services and yet very few who live to create something remarkable.

Your landscape is a big investment and we want to work with you to get it right. We are passionate about providing a quality result and we take pride in our ability to work with a variety of terrains, emphasizing the beauty of natural landscapes.

Each unique design tells a story, has a personality and can be a work of art. Let us help you create a masterpiece in your own backyard. A well planned landscape will compliment you and your property, raise it’s value and be a sight to behold.

One thing we like about our best clients is the ideas they share with us!

Why Hire Dream Team Landscaping?

Are you tired of dealing with unreliable service providers?

We are the consistent and dependable company you’re looking for. Our focus is providing the best results in order to maintain long term partnerships with our clients.

That is why we only hire people that we know we can trust, and train them to a professional standard. We strictly do not hire people with drug or alcohol problems, as well as we maintain our employee conduct policies of reliability, honesty and integrity.

We take pride in paying our employees well so that we can acquire and keep the best professionals in the workforce.

Dream Team may not be the cheapest company but we are definitely the best value!

Simple Payment Processes:


Our customers feel confident in hiring us because we always inform them what their project is going to cost up front. We provide detailed quotes that describe exactly what our customer is getting, how we will do it, how long it should take and a fixed price. We honour our estimates. No surprise invoices!

If there are changes that need to be made on a project we will provide revised estimates with the new scope of work. We don’t proceed until the changes and new cost have been approved by you.

We structure our payment requirements in simple and easy to understand formats that are proportional to the amount of work being completed.


For recurring maintenance service clients we have an autopay system that bills and provides receipts upon completion of services. The e-receipt is accompanied with before and after photos of the work for those of you who can’t be around to see it yourselves!

NO CONTRACTS! All our lawn and yard maintenance is on a pay as you go basis. This means we won’t provide services without your approval, and you can cancel services at any time without hassle.

Liability and WCB Insured

Local & Family Owned

We are a local and family owned business, we started from scratch and have built our reputation through hard work, reliability and great results.

We are proud to provide good paying jobs to locals who live in the area and get to go home to their families.

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